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Dr. Robert JaffeRobert B. Jaffe, Ph.D, LMFT, has been working as a licensed therapist in Encino, California, since 1984. He holds a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from the University of Laverne and a Doctorate in Philosophy and Hypnotherapy from the American Institute of Hypnotherapy. His many years working in the community and his extensive academic training have established Dr. Jaffe as a seasoned and experienced therapist.

Although he already has sufficient training in his field, Dr. Jaffe strives to remain aware and knowledgeable of contemporary research pertinent to his practice and, more so, to his clients. As new information emerges through contemporary research, he strives to incorporate new and emerging information as it is relevant. When able, he travels to conferences and seeks out experts for the best training and information possible.

While many of us these days may have difficulty finding time in our busy schedules for therapy, Dr. Jaffe makes it easy. He operates a private therapy practice at a convenient intersection for most clients. Nestled close to the 101 and 405 freeways in Encino, his office is placed perfectly for many patients with busy schedules. When schedules are busy and overloaded, it is important to find a therapist close to our current travel routes. In addition to being a convenient location, his office is also easy to find (next door to a McDonalds); and his building has plenty of available parking. With a range of hours throughout the day and an accessible location, finding a time to meet with Dr. Jaffe is easy and convenient.

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Dr. Jaffe primarily works with adults and adolescents over the age of 12. He works with clients experiencing a variety of symptoms and circumstances, though he does have several areas of specialty. These areas include trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, and addictions (alcohol, substance use, and process addiction, such as gambling and sex). These issues often cause clients to experience relationship difficulties, either with family, friends, employers, or partners and spouses. As important as relationships are, Dr. Jaffe has chosen to include relationship issues as one of his specialties. Unfortunately, our difficulties in one area do not stay compartmentalized but tend to bleed into other parts of our lives.

For clients under 12 years of age, Dr. Jaffe provides referrals to a competent professional specializing in that area and believes that this is important to help facilitate treatment. He knows many other professionals in the area and can connect patients to a therapist in areas he does not specialize in for a variety of needs.

Many factors come together to create an effective therapy session, and first and foremost among these is the building of trust. Clients often enter therapy having been injured in close, intimate relationships, making it difficult for them to know who or how to trust others. Clients must be able to trust their therapist, and the therapist has to work to develop this within the therapeutic relationship. To facilitate this, Dr. Jaffe strives to embody genuine care and concern for his patients. One of the ways he does so is through what he calls “carefronting.” To him, this means speaking honestly and explaining why he is saying what he is saying at any particular moment. Honesty, without tact or genuine concern for another person, can be harsh and off-putting, and therefore counter-productive to the therapeutic process, so he strives to communicate in a way that is both conscientious and respectful. When done with empathy, this helps foster an atmosphere of love and trust, which is necessary for positive change and growth.

Though the length of treatment and even therapy itself may appear different from person to person, the first session with Dr. Jaffe looks similar for every client. When clients come to therapy for the first time, he will invite them to tell their stories in their own words and ask questions throughout. Towards the end, Dr. Jaffe will provide feedback regarding what he thinks needs the most attention, and from there, collaborate with clients to determine how frequently to meet. There is no standard length of therapy, and how long therapy may take is both dishonest and unhelpful since it can create unrealistic expectations. How quickly the client can access, understand, evaluate, integrate, and act upon the therapeutic discussions is dependent upon a whole host of factors and is impossible to predict.

After the first session, therapy is always individualized, and although clients may have similar reasons for coming to therapy, no two people have exactly the same talents, abilities, interests, genetics, or upbringing. Dr. Jaffe understands this and works to structure treatment in the way most beneficial to each individual. As the process unfolds, he learns more about the person and uses that information to continuously improve their treatment. This includes determining what techniques to bring to therapy. He integrates a variety of techniques in his practice but is selective about which interventions are appropriate, always prioritizing what will be most helpful at any given moment. This includes consistently checking in with the client to understand what they are thinking and feeling about how the therapy is progressing.

There are a wide variety of tools available in therapy, and just as one tool cannot be used to fix everything in a house, Dr. Jaffe endeavors to select the appropriate tool for each of his clients at the appropriate time.

Each session is used to both focus on the most important issue(s) that brought the person into therapy and, at the same time, deal with their major concerns of the moment. The proper integration of these two goals is what the experienced psychotherapist brings to the table.

Dr. Jaffe’s passion is to provide excellent care for a broad spectrum of mental health concerns. If you live in Encino, Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks, San Fernando, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, or Pasadena, and would like to begin therapy services, call the office or request an appointment online today.

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